Covid-19 Order SND / 340/2020.

12th April 2020

Order SND / 340/2020, 12th April, by which certain activities related to the intervention works to be carried out in existing buildings are suspended, where there is a risk of contagion by COVID-19 for people not related to said activity.

The objective for establishing the suspension of these activities is to avoid the risk of spreading and contagion of COVID-19 in a context of necessary caution. The limitation for the activity applies to all kinds of work that involves intervention in an existing building, regardless of its scope, as well as the movement of its workers or materials, which cannot be completely independent of the spaces in which it is being carried out, temporarily or permanently, from those other people. Said restriction shall not apply to those works in which said interference does not occur and the works to be carried out may be divided or separated within the property to which they affect, as well as those whose purpose is to carry out urgent repairs of facilities, breakdowns or maintenance tasks for surveillance purposes in the property itself.

This order will be in place while the state of alarm lasts or until there are circumstances that exist to justify the approval of a new order to modify this present order. The exceptional measures to be taken in the works to be carried out on existing buildings are:

  1. The suspension of all kinds of work that involves an intervention in existing buildings is established, in the cases in which people unrelated to the activity of execution of the work are found in the property in which they are to be carried out, and which, due to its permanent or temporary location, or circulation needs, and because of residence, work or others, may have interference with the activity of execution of the work, or with the movement of workers or transfer of materials.
  2. The works referred to in the previous section are not included from this suspension where the property is divided and no interference occurs with people that are not related to the activity of the work being carried out.
  3. Likewise, the specific works carried out in the buildings with the purpose of making urgent repairs of facilities and breakdowns, as well as surveillance tasks, are also not included.

This order is valid from the day it has been published – 12th April 2020.