18 Dec 2019

Natasha Meah Layland, Director of EBF Consulting, looks at the tax implications for UK-based owners of Spanish property. Spain has overtaken the United States as the second most visited country in the world and tourism is booming on the Costas and the islands. But if you want to tap into this and rent out your […]

18 Dec 2019

Are you a UK resident with a Spanish rental property? Natasha Meah Layland, Director of EBF Consulting, provides some tips. Some of you might have a holiday home that you let out when you are not using it to help pay the bills. Others might have bought an investment property as their ‘pension pot’ and […]

11 Jun 2019

Official information for British people moving to or living in Spain, including guidance on EU Exit, residency, passports and healthcare. ContentsEU Exit updatesResidency and visasPassports and travelHealthcare Working in SpainMoney and taxPensionsBenefits Driving in SpainVotingBirths, deaths and getting marriedAccommodation and buying property PetsEmergenciesReturning to the UK Are you a UK national living in Spain? Click the […]

On the 24th May, Spain approved the new tax form “modelo 179” for the reporting of holiday rentals, establishing the conditions and presentation process (Orden HFP/544/2018). It creates an obligation to report information for “platforms” like Airbnb, Home Away, Booking.com and any entity that acts as an intermediary like Property Management Companies, who provide accommodation […]

04 Apr 2018

Blevins Franks – Personalised Financial Planning Solutions for Expatriates in the Canary Islands Blevins Franks is the leading company providing specialist, professional financial advice to British expatriates in Europe. We have over 40 years’ experience advising UK nationals in Spain, and have been established in the Canary Islands for 25 years. Our local Partner, Paul […]