Maternity benefits received from Social Security have been declared exempt from Personal Income Tax On the 3rd of October the Supreme Courts ruled that maternity benefits should not be considered as taxable income.  The Spanish Tax Authorities to date, have always subject this to income tax.  Therefore, taxpayers who received maternity benefits in the years 2014, […]

07 Nov 2017

Urgent Reform for Self Employment (Law 6/2017 24th October) The following modifications have been put in place as from 1st January 2018. Should you need assistance or more information then please do not hesítate to contact us at EBF Consulting +34 928513311 or Social Security and Employment As from January 2018 – Tarifa Plana […]

01 Jan 2017

There are many ways to structure your business venture in Spain.  EBF Consulting would study your situation in detail to advise on the most tax efficient option for you. The most frequently found legal structures are: Sole Trader/Sole Proprietor (Empresario Individual or Autónomo) Partnership (Sociedad Civil) Limited Liability Company (Sociedad Limitada/SL or Sociedad de Responsabilidad […]

01 Jan 2017

Foreigners who are living and working in Spain must typically register and pay into the Spanish Social Security in exchange for certain Government benefits, including free medical healthcare.   If you are working for an employer in Spain you must be registered with the Spanish Social Security Service, and pay contributions into the Spanish system […]