Highlights of the General Canarian Budget 2019 – Effective 1st January 2019 1.       General IGIC has been lowered from 7% to 6,5% 2.       0,7% has been lowered to 0,65% for the importation of products subject to the general IGIC of 6,5% 3.       In 2018, the new regime REPEP began, which applied an exemption of IGIC […]

02 Jan 2019

Update on the Modelo 179 – information Report on Holiday Lettings The Spanish Tax Authorities have published their answer to a consultation relating to the obligation to present the Modelo 179, which is due to be submitted for the first time in January 2019,  clarifying who must present the Report. Property Managers If the Property […]

18 Dec 2018

It has been recently revealed that the declaration of assets abroad violates five fundamental rights of the EU.  The reasoned written opinion that the European Commission sent to Spain in February 2017 against the Form 720 has come to light, and in it clearly declares that the regime violates five community rights of freedom.  At […]

Tax Incentives for Film Production in the Canary Islands.  The Canary Islands offer a range of attractive tax advantages within the legal framework of the EU and Spain. This makes the Canary Islands one of the best places to film in Europe as in addition to the above, the islands boast great climate, superb natural […]

02 Oct 2018

Earlier this year the Madrid City Hall initiated a new scheme to attract foreign investment to the city.  Their objective is to appeal to foreign investment through newly created businesses in order to stimulate the economy and create jobs. The new Foreign Office will be able to offer general and specific information services free of […]