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The Attraction of the Canary Islands for Digital Nomads

The Canary Islands have become a paradise for digital nomads seeking an ideal place to live and work. This Atlantic haven combines an exceptional lifestyle with a range of tax benefits and other advantages that make these islands a standout choice for remote workers. Here, we delve into why the Canary Islands are a dream destination for digital nomads.

Tax Benefits in the Canary Islands

One of the greatest attractions for digital nomads choosing the Canary Islands is its special tax regime. Unlike many other parts of the world, the Canary Islands offer several significant tax benefits:

Beckham Law: A Favourable Tax Regime

The special tax regime of the Beckham Law allows digital nomads to be taxed at a fixed rate of 24% during the first five years of their residency in the Canary Islands. This represents significant savings compared to other places where taxes can be higher and progressive. By taking advantage of this regime, digital nomads can optimize their tax situation.

Exemption from Additional Taxes

Another tax benefit in the Canary Islands is the exemption from certain taxes. Residents are not required to submit Model 720, an annual declaration that many other places demand to report their assets outside of Spain. Furthermore, the wealth tax on these assets is avoided, and capital gains tax rates are significantly reduced, ranging from 19% to 28%.

Lifestyle in the Canary Islands

In addition to its tax benefits, the Canary Islands offer an unparalleled lifestyle for digital nomads.

Lifestyle in the Canary Islands

In addition to its tax benefits, the Canary Islands offer an unparalleled lifestyle for digital nomads:

Sublime Climate

The Canary Islands are known for their pleasant climate throughout the year. This means you can enjoy the sun and good weather while working, without worrying about cold seasons and gray days.

Stunning Natural Environment

The Canary Islands host astonishing natural landscapes, from golden sandy beaches to rugged mountains. Digital nomads can use their free time to explore the natural beauty of the islands, from mountain trails to thrilling water sports.

Unique Culture and Gastronomy

The rich Canarian culture and its delicious cuisine are a delight for the senses. From local festivals to traditional dishes, there’s much to discover and enjoy in your leisure time.

Digital Nomad Community

The Canary Islands have attracted a growing community of digital nomads. This provides you with the opportunity to connect with other professionals who share your interests and challenges.

Connectivity and Amenities

The Canary Islands offer excellent digital infrastructure with high-speed connections and a wide range of services for digital nomads, such as coworking spaces and affordable accommodation options.


The Canary Islands offer a perfect balance between attractive tax benefits and an exceptional lifestyle. For digital nomads, it’s a destination that combines the best of both worlds. From the special tax regime of the Beckham Law to its stunning natural environment and unique culture, the Canary Islands are an ideal place to live and work. If you’re a digital nomad looking for a destination that has it all, the Canary Islands might be your perfect choice.

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