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Additional Maternity Allowance.  As from the 1st January 2018, working mothers that pay nursery fees for their children under three years old will be entitled to an increase of up to 1000 euros additional allowance per year.

Currently, working mothers are entitled to 100 euros per month for each child up to the age of three.  Working fathers are also entitled to this if the mother has deceased or if they have exclusive custody.

The new allowance is “in addition” to the current 100 euros per month but can only be applied in your annual income tax return applying the two following limits:

  1. Amount of Social Security contributions made during the year (the amount paid by the employer plus worker)
  2. Annual nursery expenses; for example, if the nursery fees are 500 euros then the additional allowance cannot exceed this amount.

Working mothers can apply for the 100 euros per month to be paid in advance, however the additional allowance will only be applied in the annual income tax return.  Should you need assistance please do not hesitate to email us at

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