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New Limits to Present Annual Income Tax Return in Spain. 

Currently the tax legislation states that if your income does not exceed 22.000 euros then you do not have to present an annual income tax return, However, in the following cases the limit is less than 22.000 euros, for example, if:

  • Working/pension income is received from more than one company and the sum of the second income and others exceed 1500 euros
  • Income received has been subject to a fixed withholding tax or when the payer has not applied any withholding tax (pensions from abroad, administrators etc.)

LIMIT – In the above cases, the limit has increased from 12.000 euros to 12.643 euros for 2018.  In 2019 the limit has increased to 14.000 euros.

In 2018, if you have obtained working/pension income less than 12.643 euros you will not have to present an annual income tax return.  As from 2019, the limit will be 14.000 euros.

Please contact us on for more information, as we have only highlighted the modification.  There are other factors that may mean you have to present an annual income tax return.

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