The introduction of Phase two.

24th May 2020

Extension of State of Alarm and the introduction of Phase two.

The State of Alarm has been extended to the 7th June and as from tomorrow Monday 25th May most parts of Spain are entering in to Phase two.

Working remotely is still encouraged to be a priority for those jobs that can be carried out this way.

The same hygiene methods apply as in Phase one with the added obligation of wearing a mask if the social distance of 2 metres cannot be guaranteed.

Anyone up to 70 years of age may exercise at any time of day, except between 10am and 12 noon and between 19.00 and 20.00, which is to be reserved for those that are over 70 years of age.

All retailers and professional services that were suspended on the 14th March when the State of Alarm was declared may open irrespective of their square metres. However they must limit the “capacity” to 40% and ensure that there is a minimum distance of two metres between customers. If this minimum distance cannot be guaranteed then only one customer may enter the premises at a time. A time for over 65 year olds must be established.

Open air markets may increase the number of stalls so as to operate up to a third of stalls authorised, or increase the area to adhere to the measures established in Phase 1.

Education Academies and driving schools that do not for part of Education and Science are able to open.

Restaurants, bars and cafeterias may open their doors not just terraces, guaranteeing the separation between customers and tables and with a limit of 40% of their capacity inside the premises, which can be increased to 50% in other Autonomous Communities. Customers must be seated and served at their table. It is still forbidden to use menus, napkins, vinegar/oil etc. Nightclubs are still not able to open.

Flexibility on movement outside of your municipality, allowing you to visit friends and family, and carry out other permitted activities so long as it is in your province or island. Groups of up to 15 people are permitted to gather in their homes or bars, restaurants and open areas.

Beaches are open for use with the obligation to maintain distance. Also open air swimming pools may be used with prior appointments to ensure the maximum capacity of 30% or what will guarantee the safe distance. These pools must be cleaned at least three times a day. The showers and changing rooms are not permitted.

Shopping Centres may now open, although there is a limit of 40% capacity, common areas for seating and children’s play areas may not be used.

Cinemas, theatres and auditoriums may open with a third of their capacity. If the area is enclosed then there is a limit of up to 50 people.

Gyms and sports centres may open up to 30% capacity, prior appointments only.

Business meeting and conferences of up to 50 people are permitted.