The state of alarm finishes at midnight on Sunday June 21st

The Canary Islands will enter the new normal from 00.01 on Monday June 22nd.

The regional government have announced the new measures that will come into force until the end of the health emergency:

Interpersonal safety distance:
Masks will be mandatory if the safety distance of 1.5 metres cannot be guaranteed.

Big events, concerts and fiestas:
1,000 people are authorized outdoors or 300 indoors, with staggered access to avoid crowding.

Bars & Restaurants:
1.5 metres distance must be kept between tables, groups or people at the bar. No common menu will be used.
Clients will expect the venue to be cleaned and disinfected.

Shops and commercial centres:
May open not exceeding 75% of the allowed capacity,

Tourist accommodation:
The specific measures for each establishment will be respected.
The animation is to be outdoors, without exchanging equipment.
In the buffet, protective screens, individual plating and single-service.
Textile reduction throughout the establishment.
Bedding will be protected in cabinets.

Cultural activities in closed or open spaces:
The seats must be pre-assigned keeping the safety distance.
In museums and exhibition halls, and libraries the capacity restriction disappears, although emphasis is placed on monitoring compliance with security regulations.

Maximum groups of 30 outdoors or 25 people indoors as long as they do not exceed 2/3 of their capacity, keeping the distance of safety, prevention and hygiene.

Activities with continued interpersonal contact are not authorized.

Sports events and public shows:
The safety distance or use of a mask must be maintained, with a maximum of 75% of the capacity and 300 people indoors or 1,000 outdoors.
The seated public must maintain the safety distance.

Religious worship:
The safety distance between non-cohabitants must be maintained and not exceed 75% of capacity. Outdoor acts of worship must respect protection measures.

Safety distance will be maintained between non-cohabitants with a maximum of 50 people outdoors or 20 indoors. The entourage of the funeral will not exceed 50 people. In the cremation room there will be no more than 5 people.

Religious or civil ceremonies:
The safety distance between non-cohabitants will be maintained and the 75% capacity will not be exceeded. A maximum of 250 people is authorized outdoors or 150 indoors.

Specific municipal regulations must be respected, maintaining a distance of 1.5 meters. Sports practice will be individual or in pairs, without contact. Equipment, machines and hammocks will be disinfected before and after use. The latter will be for individual use with 2 meters of separation between them.

Only permitted with municipal authorization and in groups of a maximum of 20 people.

Night leisure is authorized in open spaces, at tables, 75% maximum capacity. Avoid crowds. Without dance floors.

Cinemas and theatres:
No capacity restrictions but the seats must be preassigned and with the appropriate separation between people.