Further measures put in place by the state and canarian government to reduce the spread of covid-19 relating to wearing a mask.

21st August 2020

The Canarian Government has imposed further obligations in an attempt to control the spread of the COVID-19 virus. We highlight the main points below:

  1. Bars, Restaurants and Terraces including those on the beach, must always respect the 1,5 metres social distancing. The maximum group of customers must not exceed 10 people on one table (inside and outside). The distribution of the tables must respect the established minimum social distance and in accordance with the number of people to be seated. The social distancing must be clearly signed in the establishment.
  2. Menus for common use must be replaced with electronic alternatives such as black/white boards, menu “signs”, QR codes or similar.
  3. All the plates, cutlery, glasses, bread baskets, cups etc. must be stored in an enclosed space. If this is not possible then in a place away from areas where customers and employees pass by. All decorative items must also be removed from the tables.
  4. Self service items will also removed such as napkins, tooth pics, vinegar/oil, and other similar items giving priority to alternative ways of providing them at the request of the customer or single use sachets.
  5. A customer may not sit at a table until the staff have cleaned and disinfected the table and chairs.
  6. Closing times are limited to 1.00am max. with no customers being allowed to enter after midnight.
  7. All nightclubs, dance floors and evening drinking bars are to be closed with or without live music.

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