10th January 2020

The Canary Islands have experienced increased cases of COVID, Tenerife continues to be in level 3, La Gomera, Gran Canaria and Lanzarote are in level 2 and El Hierro, La Palma and Fuerteventura are in level 1. This has enforced the Government to introduce additional measures, which we detail the main points below.

These measures are in place as from 11th January for the next 14 days.

Night Curfew.

Level 1 from 00.00 h to 06.00 h
Level 2 from 23.00 h to 06.00 h
Level 3 from 22.00 h to 06.00 h

You are only permitted to leave your home within these hours listed above for essential activities, such as the need for medical assistance or medication from the pharmacy, employment reasons, assistance and care of farm and domestic animals.

Limitation of the number of people (who do not live together) that wish to meet and socialize in public and private places, within a closed or open space.

Level 1 – Maximum 6 people, unless all members live “under the same roof”.
Level 2 – Maximum 4 people, unless all members live “under the same roof”.
Level 3 – Maximum 4 people, this is limited to four people living “under the same roof”, unless in a restaurant/bar where the maximum group per table is 4 people.

Specific measures for hotel, restaurant and terraces, bars and cafeterias.

These establishments must respect the curfew hours previously mentioned, and the number of guests per table are as follows:
Level 1 – 6 people
Level 2 – 4 people
Level 3 – 4 people, as well as the additional restriction of not using indoors, only terraces.

In all levels, it is forbidden to carry out any activities that impede the social distancing and wearing a mask such as dancing, karaoke etc.

The measures currently in place regarding ventilation, wearing masks, hand sanitization, social distancing, avoidance of crowds etc. remain the same.

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